Distance spikes for sprinting

With 8 spikes built into the track shoe, it might seem like its best for longdistance running, but its also versatile to use for other events, such as sprinting, the long jump, triple jump, and hurdles. Long distance track spikes from adidas, Saucony, Nike, Brooks and other brands feature a snug fit, ventilated uppers for maximum breathability and flexible spike plates to help you maintain your grip on wet and muddy surfaces. Sprinting spikes have rigid soles that help increase speed while sprinters are on their toes.

Longdistance spikes use more flexible soles, enabling more natural foot movement and providing more comfort than the sprinting versions. 8 Tips for Selecting Track Spikes.

9. sprinting spikes will have a stiff plate underneath the entire foot, and will promote running on the toes to provide maximum forward motion over the course of the event.

On the other hand, distance and middistance track spikes will have a thin heel and provide minimal cushioning to the Track Spikes& Shoes for Grip, Traction& Explosive Performance You can find spikes for sprinting, hurdling, middledistance running, cross country running and even multipurpose spikes that are versatile for a variety of events. The right track spikes help you take on every mile with confidence. For sprinting you want a very stiff plate whereas long distance spikes are typically a much softer, less aggressive plate.

Look at the angle that a sprint spike puts your foot at compared to a long distance spike. It will be a little more though the next day when running with middle distance spikes long distances like the 3200 and the 5000 but you can use sprint spikes in middle distances.

I use sprints in the 800 and the 400. When I ran the 1500 for the first time, I wore a pair of sprint spikes designed for the 400. In these spikes, I ran personal bests for 1500 and 3000 and won the nationals 5000. Track Spikes Sprint, middle distance, long distance and allaround performance our track and field shoes are specially designed for your events. And, theyre favorites of worldclass runners like Jenny Simpson and Brenda Martinez.

Our top choices for sprinting spikes are the Adidas adiZero Prime Finesse, the Under Armour Speedform Sprint Pro 2, and the Nike Zoom Superfly Elite.

Best MidDistance Track Spikes Middledistance spikes are meant to be used for 800 to 5000m races, and have a nice balance between plate stiffness, flexibility, and cushioning. If you're a long distance runner, you'll want a flat, more durable spike that can go the distance (literally).

However, sprinting is all about going short distances in Distance spikes have fewer spikes than sprint shoes the Matumbo has only four, for example and the stiff outsole plate exists only under the forefoot. This design allows you to run more naturally than with a larger spike plate, keeping you fast and comfortable throughout your longer races. Best Sprint Spikes for 400M and 400M Hurdles. Nike Zoom 400: Specially designed by Nike for 400M racing, the Zoom 400 gives a more natural range of motion that is better for this double bend distance.

Powerful sprinters can use the 100M and 200M spikes for 400M but the Zoom 400 will bring a slight feeling of ease to your stride on this the toughest of sprint