Csi footprint analysis

My 8th grade students are going to see the CSI experience exhibit at the science museum later this month and I thought the activity would spark some excitement.

Attached is the investigation template, the student handout file, and an example of the Excel file with student data and charts. An actual footprint can be checked and matched to an existing print on record, such as one from a birth certificate. While footprints can be used as a method of forensic science, more often the prints at a crime scene do not come from a bare foot.

Forensic footwear evidence can be used in legal proceedings to help prove that a shoe was at a crime scene. Footwear evidence is often the most abundant form of evidence at a crime scene and in some cases can prove to be as specific as a fingerprint. l Structure of the skin, sweat and homeostasis l Classification and analysis of fingerprints l Taking a suspects prints for comparison l Documenting finger prints at a crime scene l Powder development techniques and Lifting fingerprintsl Classifying and The clues left by a footprint embedded in the head of a robbery victim would be enough to have the forensic experts from the popular Crime Scene Investigation series homing in on the perpetrator.

Footprints in the mud under the street light. Police traced the car back to a local dealership, where the salesman identified the owner of the order every possible forensic analysis.

Instead, they must choose which test they feel will be most relevant to the investigation. Forensic Footwear Analysis and Footprint Analysis Service Forensic Resources Ltd provides a Forensic Footwear Analysis to public and private sector clients across the UK. Using the latest footprint analysis technology our expert witness and forensic scientist can often identify certain attributes that match a seized piece of evidence.