Printer drum life

Many printers have sensors that track how many pages their drum has printed. Once they hit a certain preset threshold, the sensors usually warn you that your drum needs replacement, and eventually stop the printer from printing until you replace the drum. How can the answer be improved?

Every drum has a life expectancy, after which point this Printer drum life of charge will begin to occur. Additionally, color laser printers require separate drums and toner cartridges for each color, increasing the potential for damage and increasing maintenance costs. The Printer Settings page lists the remaining life of the drum unit.

Follow the steps below to print the Printer Settings page: Make sure the printer is powered on. The power switch is located on the right side of the printer.

The printer should be in Ready mode with the blue Ready light on steady. image. Additionally, laser printer drums have a certain life span, and are usually specified by the number of pages they can print before needing replacement.

Many small, inexpensive laser printers combine the drum and toner into a single unit, so both are replaced simultaneously. Larger units have separate drum and toner cartridge units.

Sep 13, 2018  This message appears irrespective of whether I put back the 'oldused' or 'new' cartridge into the drum and insert it into the printer it's always the same message and will not print! The User's Guide does not seem to give an answer to this 'Drum toner cartridge will have a significantly shorter lifespan. Since your printer Printer drum life new, the toner will lubricate the drum and fill the reservoirs.

As a result, the first cartridge will have a lifespan of about 1, 250 pages. After the first cartridge, the life of your toner will depend on the density of your print jobs. Once the shelf life period expires on sealed and unsealed drums, install and use the drum immediately, otherwise, dispose of the drum and purchase a new one.

Consult your laser printer's manual or documentation on how to reset your drum's life within the printer if you install the new drum before the printer's old drum's life has expired.

You usually need to replace the drum on the 5470DW when the printer indicates that the drum life is getting low. Brother states that the typical drum life is approximately 30, 000 pages.

But you may have replaced the drum unit, only to find that the printer is still indicating that the drum life is low. Press 1, accept, the machine will reset the drum life. Close the front door, done! Posted on August 1, 2013 Author Tai Categories Choosing and Using your printer