Sprintf c++ alternative

Hi! I've recently converted some C code to a bit more native C. This included changing printf() I try, whenever possible, to point out the C way of doing things, where a legacy C alternative exists. One of the obvious culprits is the infamous printf C function.

Thats probably the first function to be learned Sprintf c++ alternative a C (and maybe even C) programmer, and its a surprisingly complex function. You will have Sprintf c++ alternative use sprintf or itoa to convert a binary int to an ascii string. The representation if ints and and char arrays is totally different and ints can conytain bytes with a value of zero but strings can only have that as the last byte.

String. Format alternative in C [duplicate Ask Question. up vote 24 down vote favorite. 5. This question already has an answer here: std: : string formatting like sprintf 34 answers Something like sprintf() looks useful to me, but sprintf does not accept string as the a, b and c parameters. Any suggestions how I can generate these formatted I have to create a software that must work on several nix platforms (Linux, AIX, ). I need to handle internationalization and my translation strings are std: : string formatting like sprintf.

Ask Question. up vote 336 down vote favorite. 116. I have to format std: : string with sprintf and send it into file stream. How can I do this? String. Format alternative in C. 2. How do I send a format string to iostream? 0. Using wstring for swprintfs instead of wchart 0. Nov 14, 2005 vsprintf safe alternative?. C C Forums on Bytes. 423, 300 Members 1, 025 Online Join Now; login; Ask Question printf(txt); Is there any safe alternative to vsprintf?

I do not want to change the way I am passing the parameters, because I used this function in C sprintf() The sprintf() function in C is used to write a formatted string to character string buffer.

An alternative form of the conversion is performed. 0: It is used for integer and floating point number. Leading zeros yes it is possible in c with ostringstream just give it like this# include# include (for sprintfs only), the string to be stored in buffer Unless alternative representation is requested the trailing zeros are removed, also the decimal point character is removed if no fractional part is left.

For infinity and notanumber conversion style see notes. C documentation for printf, fprintf, sprintf, snprintf. I'm looking at optimizing some string formatting code that's hit a lot in our code. We had been using ostringstream, and I converted the code to use sprintf (actually Microsoft's more secure sprint Jul 22, 2005 Hi, Currently, whenever I need to work with numbers as strings, I am using sprintf to do the conversion.

This seems a little prehistoric. Is there a current STL alternative? Oct 19, 2008 sprintf equivalent in c. C C Forums on Bytes. Any function instead of sprintf() in C? code size is too big after compile. Ask Question. I dont know if it really exists in C) Django Oct 25 '12 at 9: 24 @Omkant They are not in stdlib, since they are not part of any C or C standard.

You are using some nonstandard compiler.