Sprint iphone at&t sim card

will not support any cdma sim cards like sprint, verizon, xfinity, boost Sim Unlock Adapter for iPhone X 8 8 7 7 6S 6S 6 5C 5S Any Carrier AT& T, Sprint, TMobile, XFINITY, GSM or CDMA GPP TURBO GEVEY AIR R SIM (NOT FOR VERIZONXFINITY) Nexus 5 and Moto X Pure Edition devices are already domestically unlocked.

Nexus 6 is already domestically unlockedwith the exception of Nexus 6 devices on AT& T. A domestic SIM unlock allows you to insert a Sprint SIM card into your device and attempt to activate it on the Sprint network.

Brand new Sprint sim card for use with the following devices; Samsung CHIP UNLOCK IPHONE, ALL IPHONES ALL MODELS, SPRINT, ATT, TMOBILE, METRO PCS, RE SIM ANY CARRIER, ANY COUNTRY (SMALL) by RESIM I have an iPhone 6 that I activated my Sprint account with and in this phone the SIM card works normally.

However, when I put my SIM in any other Nov 05, 2013 Hi there, erikt72 wrote: I am looking to switch my service from Sprint to AT& T, but I dont want to buy a new iPhone til the new one comes out. What would happen if I install an AT& T sim card into a Sprint iPhone? Sep 22, 2017  Sprint iPhone 7 unlocked, not recognized by Tmobile. Sprint iPhone 7 unlocked, not recognized by Tmobile. They claim it is unlocked but the Tmobile sim card is not being recognized. I have called them numerous times about it as well I am having the exact same issues trying to port from sprint to t mobile with my iphone 6 Re: Iphone 5 need a sim Okay, well i just called a sprint stored they said you can activate without a SIM card but i cant use it internationally, but in that case i need a SIM card by march when i leave to visit Europe.

Yes, you can use your unlocked Sprint iPhone with AT& T and even with TMobile and Worldwide GSM networks. All Sprint iPhones after iPhone 5 came with support for both CDMA and GSM bands.

CDMA band works in USA with Sprint whereas GSM band supports GSM based carriers in USA and outside USA.