How to jailbreak my sprint iphone 5s

The# 1 site for latest news, updates, tutorials and free jailbreak guide for iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c. The jailbreak is compatible with all devices that can run iOS 9 through, including the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus. It is not compatible with iOS 9. 1 at the moment. Advertisement These are instructions on how to jailbreak your iPhone 5s, iPhone 5c, iPhone 5, iPhone 4s, or iPhone 4 on iOS 7.

0 to iOS (7. 1 beta 1 and beta 2 work as well) using Evasi0n for Windows In this video we will walk you through how to find your iPhone 5 firmware. How to find your iOS firmware on your iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch Hi, this is Luke from And today, I'm going to be showing you First, choose your iPhone to jailbreak. Insanely easy guide to Jailbreak your iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch! A1524 iPhone 6 Plus (Global Sprint) A1593 iPhone 6 Plus (China A1516 iPhone 5C (China Mobile) A1529 iPhone 5C (Asia Pacific) A1532 iPhone 5C (GSM CDMA Global) A1533 iPhone 5S (GSM CDMA) A1457 iPhone How To Unlock an iPhone 66 Plus5S How To Unlock an iPhone 66 Plus5S.

This Tutorial addresses: Solved How do i unlock my iphone 5c Read on to find out how to unlock your iPhone if it is currently tied to Sprint. Do I Need to Unlock my Sprint iPhone? Unlike Verizon, which has the most simple unlock policy (all phones are sold unlocked), Sprint has a confusing policy with different rules based on when you purchased your phone.