Gun created by 3d printer

The world's first gun made almost entirely with a 3D printer has been successfully fired in the US. But it's not going to herald an age of widespread weapon ownership, and it's certainly not proof In 2013 a Texas company, Solid Concepts, demonstrated a 3D printed version of an M1911 pistol made of metal, using an industrial 3D printer.

Aug 01, 2018 If better homemade guns are already legal, will criminals use 3Dprinted guns? That's a question at the core of 3Dprinted gun debate: Second Amendment advocates scoff at the idea that any criminal would realistically opt for a 3Dprinted gun, given the hassle, unreliability and potential costs. Jul 31, 2018  Watch video  Guns can be made on 3D printers without any checks. The NRA and White House released statements late in the day saying its against a 1988 law to make or possess guns that dont set off metal detectors.

The Trump administration supports the law, said spokesman Hogan Gidley. In fact, a few years ago a company actually did use a metal 3D printer to make a gun, and Solid Concepts (now part of Stratasys Direct and no longer in the gun business) sold them for 11, 000 a Aug 01, 2018 In 2013, at a firing range outside of Austin, Texas, Cody Wilson pulled the trigger on the world's first fully 3D printed gun.

Not long after, he posted the blueprint for the weapon to his website, DefCad. com, allowing anyone to download directions to manufacture an untraceable plastic gun at home.

The world's first gun made with 3D printer technology has been successfully fired in the US. The controversial group which created the firearm, Defense Distributed, plans to make the blueprints Jul 31, 2018 Cody Wilson, the founder of Defense Distributed, shows a plastic gun made on a 3D printer at his home in Austin, Texas, in 2013. (Jay Janner Austin AmericanStatesman)