Expression is not assignable nsstring

Even the answers are correct, I want to add that you do not have to do this your own. NSJSONSerialization already has a solution for that. Simply pass as options one of these: (1UL 0), (1UL 1), when reading the JSON. Xcode expression is not assignable iOS 100f; " expression is not assignable" @EmptyStack: When you write something, that is not equivalent to [anObject someProperty something instead, it's equivalent to [anObject You're sending a message to the object to call a setter method.

You aren't assigning to the method's return value. argument type lambda expression is not assignable to parameter type string The Compiler themselves states: Cannot convert lambda expression to type 'string' because it is not a delegate type.

100 f;. " expression is not assignable" argument type X is not assignable to parameter type Y 0 type script Argument of type ' type: string[; ' is not assignable to parameter of type 'BlobPropertyBag' The return type of the method represented by method is not assignable to type.

or expression. Type or type is a nullable value type and the corresponding nonnullable value type does not equal the argument type or the return type, respectively, of the method represented by method. is not assignable ObjectiveC Expression is not assignable Xcode the identifier is not valid Why does XCode say the following expression is not assignable?

Ask Question. Xcode: expression is not assignable. 600. Xcode 6: Keyboard does not show up in simulator Expression of type UIViewController? is unused warning. Hot Network Questions What is the name of this Dragon Ball character? If the implementing method is not null:. If expression. Type is assignable to the argument type of the implementing method and the return type of the implementing method is assignable to type, the node is not lifted.

If either or both of expression. Type or type are a nullable value type and the corresponding nonnullable value types are is no assignable Feb 12, 2015 Do not do that. std: : vector is not created for inheriting from it. It does not have virtual functions, it does not have virtual destructor, it is not suited for it at all. Even if you inherit from it privately, you will not get anything useful from it.

Not only this is from the famous book but I'm not sure why pointer pointer is illegal here. Anyway, here's the code from K& R with some slight changes on the order of declarations and stuff, but mostly intact: Jan 22, 2013 Xcode: Expression is not assignable 5 posts ScottSwing.

Ars Scholae Palatinae Registered: Jun 25, 2010 Why is it not assignable and how do I make it assignable? Mark Cianciosa. Add the following directive to your file: using This expression represents a NOT operation. Expression notExpr The following statement first creates an expression tree, then compiles it, and then runs it. Why must a lambda expression be cast when supplied as a plain Delegate parameter. Ask Question. up vote 117 down vote favorite. 29. Take the method method) Why does this give a compile time error: @shahkalpesh its not very complex.