Sprint iphone 4s insurance cost

iPhone 4S insurance: Plans compared Sprint: The newest carrier to the iPhone family has chosen not to offer carrier protection. since the deductible and the cost of buying a new phone on a How much does an iPhone really cost? They didnt just carry the iPhone 4S, they also carried the iPhone 4 and sold it at a substantial discount. Sprint Insurance 11 per month for 24 Higher memory configurations and iPhone 7 Plus for second iPhone will receive 22. 92mo. service credit and will not be 0mo.

Mo. pymt. will be reflected on inv. & off set with svc. credit. Credit ends at end of term, Sprint Customers Can Upgrade Their iPhone Anytime, Included in Their Monthly Rate New or Existing Upgrade Eligible Sprint Customers Can Join the iPhone Forever Revolution for Only 22 per month Special Promotion; 15 per month with Smartphone TradeIn.

Req. service plan. Customer is responsible for insurance and any This is not true, neither Sprint or Apple provide loss, or theft coverage on any plan that I can find, I have read every thread I can find, and spoke to 3 different Sprint Customer Service agents. Apple Care, to me, seems like an extended warrenty and nothing more. iPhone 4S: Iphone 4s insurance? Options. Subscribe to RSS Feed; Mark Topic as New; I was required to pick up Apple insurance instead of insurance from sprint at the time I purchased the Iphone 4s.

I have now lost (or it was stolen) my phone. I have since heard that apple does cover loststolen claims for a cost of course but, I Customer is responsible for insurance and repairs.

Early termination of leaseservice: Remaining lease payments will be due immediately, and requires device return or payment of purchase option device price in lease. 2for1 iPhone 7: Reqs. 18 mo. lease on iPhone 7 (32GB). Higher memory configurations and iPhone 7 will receive Get iPhone 8 for 8mo. or iPhone 8 Plus for 12. 17mo. with Sprint Flex lease. Click or call only. iPhone 8 64GB 8mo.or iPhone 8 Plus 64GB 12.

17mo, after 21. 17 credit applied within 2 bills. The monthly charge for TEP Plus includes the cost of insurance provided in the program. New York residents may purchase insurance separately for 1, 3. 75, or 5 depending on your device. Oct 19, 2014 iPhone 4 8GB, iPhone 4S 8GB, iPhone 5C 8GB It is interesting to note that the iphone 4s 16gb has a 200 deductible, same as the much more expensive iphone 5 plus and the the iphone 5c 16gb has a 150 deductible. Sprint iPhone 4s. Sprint Products and Services.

iPhone 4. What is the best insurance plan for a new Sprint iPhone 4? Update Cancel. ad by Honey. Do you use technology to help you save money? This free tool can save you a ton of money on sites like Newegg, Amazon, Best Buy, and more.