Printing addresses for wedding invitations

Pros& cons of calligraphy& printing for addressing. Addressing Wedding Envelopes: Calligraphy or Printing? Traditionally, social correspondence (like say, wedding invitations) is addressed by hand, and business correspondence (threatening letters from the IRS) is addressed and printed by machine.

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Get a Free Sample Set. Free Shipping Over 500 Get a Free Sample Set. Wedding Invitations Envelope addressing and printing options are available for all stationery that includes envelopes. Below is a description of each option, as well as instructions Design your custom wedding invitations and have them on hand within five to seven business days using personalized photos, artwork and fonts.

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Mar 17, 2015  Labels on wedding invitations etiquette; Dedicated September 2012. Labels on wedding invitations etiquette. Anonymous 20 Reply. Flag; I ordered my invitations before having addressesI have to print them on labels.

Do I use white labels or clear labels? The envelopes are white Also, is it that horrible that I'll be Aug 11, 2014 No, there is no need to hire a calligrapher to address your wedding invitations, nor does calligraphy need to be used. Printed (as in noncursive) or otherwise embellished handwriting is fine. Custom invitation printing from FedEx Office gives you the freedom to create beautiful and professional invitations.

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