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View signatures, monograms, biographies and art prices by Rosalba CARRIERA,Italy. Rosalba Carriera was an 18th century Italian Roco painter. She was born and died in Venice and was sucessful in an era when there were few other female painters.

Other symbols of the goddess of love are the bracelet inscribed with the words Raphael Urbinas, the painters signature as well as a token and pledge of love. The myrtle bush and branch of quince in the background are symbols of fertility. Rosalba Carriera [Italian Rococo Era Painter, Guide to pictures of works by Rosalba Carriera in art museum sites and image archives worldwide.


Only 3 left in stock order soon. See Details. Amazon Rewards Visa Signature Cards; Amazon. com Store Card; Amazon. com Corporate Credit Line; Shop Rosalba Carriera Peale was activelived in Pennsylvania. Rosalba Peale is known for portrait copyist, amateur sketch. Rosalba Carriera was born in Venice on October 7, 1675, the daughter of Angelo Carriera.

She showed her artistic talent at an early age by making designs for lace; she then turned her attention to decorations of snuffboxes. Rosalba Carriera was born in 1673 in Venice in a middleclass family and started helping her mother making and designing lace, but soon she turned to portrait miniatures, and her career as an artist started. Rosalba Carriera (12 January 1673 15 April 1757) was a Venetian Rococo painter.

In her younger years, she specialized in portrait miniatures, it is for this that she was able to establish a career in portraiture. Discover books, read about the author, find related products, and more. More about Rosalba Carriera Rosalba Carriera, in full Rosalba Giovanna Carriera, (born Oct.

7, 1675, Venicedied April 15, 1757, Venice), portrait painter and miniaturist, an originator of the Rococo style in France and Italy. She is best known for her work in pastels. Pastel art is created with chalklike pigments that render many possibilities for color, technique, and style. is still in existence. The first artist to make full and consistent use of the novel medium was Venetian artist Rosalba Carriera, 1675 to 1750. His signature techniques produced rich clarity and crisp detail Rosalba carriera signature a blended Signature Frederick IV (11 October 1671 12 October 1730) was the king of Denmark and Norway from 1699 until his death.

Frederick was the son of King Christian V of DenmarkNorway and his consort Charlotte Amalie of HesseKassel. Bernard III Lens (1681 1740) was the first miniature painter in England to adopt this technique, which had been invented in Italy by Venetian pastelist Rosalba Carriera. Watercolor on ivory soon replaced watercolor on vellum as the signature medium of the portrait miniature.

Rosalba Carriera (12 January 1673 15 April 1757) was a Venetian Rococo painter. In her younger years, she specialized in portrait miniatures. It is for this that she was able Rosalba carriera signature establish a career in portraiture.