Make magazine 3d printer torture test

The Make: Magazine 3DP testing team used Ultimachine orange PLA for all PLA machines. DOWNLOAD AND PARTICIPATE! The 2015 3DP Test Geometries, created by Andreas Bastain, are available from Make: s YouMagine and Thingiverse accounts.

Background: This file was created by Make Magazine to test key performance factors of various 3d printers. Our print was tritan material. Our print was tritan material.

Tritan is a clear polymer with a high tensile strength. Meet 3DBenchy, a 3D model specifically designed to test and benchmark 3D printers. Best of all, its free to download, make and share.

In the 3D printing landscape theres a great deal of hardware to choose from, especially Fused This rook is normally used by Make: magazine as a torture test for SLA resin printers, which would make it an interesting challenge for the FFF filament printers present at 3dexpo. All competitors printed this model at 50mm height without supports. This was the Torture Test used during the 3D Print Weekend at MAKE HQ to test over 15 different printers.

The model was designed by one of the testers during the weekend, Cliff Biffle, and is meant to push your printer to its limits! See the results in the 3D Printing Special Issue, on newsstands November 13th. 3D Benchy Test. 3D Benchy is a cute little boat that will test the accuracy and capabilities of your printer. There are details and features in this object that will test almost every aspect of your 3D printer.

Benchy is so popular he has his own website, Facebook Page, Thingiverse Group and other social media presence. Looking at the Make magazine 3d printer guide, I see only a few that got it right: the MendelMaxPro, the Afinia HSeries and maybe the 3DTOUCH.

If it makes you feel any better, in that guide, the Replicator 2 blew the arch too.