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Sosa(Seoul Theological Univ. ) okgog (Cathoric U n. of Korea) G wac heo n G o ve r men t C om plex G wac he on I deogwo P yeongc h on B eo mgye Geumjeong G un po (H ansei U n iv. ) Bugok (Korea Railroad Coll. ) S u ng Seoul Subway Map Navy Blue Line Olive Green Line Green Line Pink Line Orange Line Bundang Line Blue Line Inchon Maps& Guidebooks.

2018 Seoul Official Tourist Guide. 2018. PDF View (84 MB) 2018 Seoul Tourist Map. PDF View Tel: (English) Seoul Walking Tours:. General The Seoul Subway (Metro) System is efficient, clean, safe and very easy to use.

Do note, however, that it can be very crowded at peak times. Trains run at three to seven minute intervals depending on the route and time of day. English Seoul Subway map. English Seoul Subway map. Discover ideas about Metro Rail Image detail for. Subway maps of seoul Printable environmental print candy wrappers.

Hong Kong MTR Map Printable HK& Kowloon subway and other public transportation maps See more. Life in korea how to ride the subway without killing yourself best of korean map metro map of busan full resolution seoul map english large detailed tourist map of seoul korean peninsula location map Official Site Of Korea Tourism Transportation SubwaysSeoul Subway MapSeoul Subway Metro Map English Version UpdatedSeoul Subway Metro Map English Seoul Metropolitan Subway.

The Seoul Metropolitan Subway or Metropolitan Subway in Seoul, in Seoul, South Korea, is one of the most heavily used rapid transit systems in the world, with well over 8 million trips daily on the system's thirteen lines (total figures for Seoul Metro, Seoul Metropolitan Rapid Transit Corporation& Korail commuter lines).

Seoul Subway Metro Map in English. Printable version with color. 2 versions of map. Updated as of 2014 Seoul Metropolitan Area subway system covers an expansive area, including Line 1 to 9 with additional lines, such as Sinbundang Line, Gyeongchun Line, GyeonguiJungang Line, Ever Line, Uisinseol Line, and more branching throughout the metropolitan area.