Giant footprint in africa

The Giant Footprint South Africa September 2, 2017 in News, Research by michael This is the most spectacular footprint in rock found anywhere on Earth to date. Aug 11, 2017 Watch video Is this footprint proof giants roamed Earth? Humanlike marks discovered A FOOTPRINT which conspiracy theorists believes belonged to a giant has been discovered in China, sparking claims that huge We have recently received reports of a giant footprint about 1.

2 m (4 ft) long in granite near Mpuluzi, near the Swaziland border in the Mpumalanga province in northeastern South Africa. In a recent video posted on Youtube, 2 one Michael Tellinger, styled as a scientist, researcher, author, 3 depicted this footprint as evidence of ancient giants In it, a man highlights a South African geological curiosity.

He says it is a giant footprint in rock that is somewhere between 200 million and 3 billion years old. He goes on to say that it is so amazing it should be drawing 20 million tourists to South Africa every year, but no one knows about it. And last year a giant footprint about four feet long was found in rock near Mpuluzi, near the Swaziland border in South Africa, although like others its validity is hotly debated.

However, the latest discovery Giant footprint in africa somewhat different. The footprints, which also appear as a depression in rock, are of those wearing wooden sandals and not barefoot Michael Tellinger with the massive footprint in the rock in Africa (Youtube screenshot) A third footprint was discovered in Bolivia but CNN reported that the print was from a large carnivorous dinosaur rather than an ancient giant. Discovery of what looks like a giant humanoid footprint millions of years old is being touted as evidence of a giant alien race that lived on or visited Earth hundreds of millions of years ago.

The footprint was first discovered near the South African town of Mpuluzi in the northeastern Mpumalanga province close to the border with Swaziland in 1912 by South African Author, Scientist, Researcher and Explorer Michael Tellinger (often called The South African Indiana Jones) shows off what could be one of the best pieces of evidence that there were once giants living on Earth a long, long time ago.

Geologists have been marveling at this giant foot print in rough granite, about 4 feet long. Robert Schoch standing by the socalled" Giant's Footprint" near Empuluzi, South Africa. Photo: R. Schoch and C. Ulissey. While visiting South Africa in June 2014, Michael Tellinger (author of, among other books, African Temples of the Annunaki and Slave Species of the Gods) took me to view a Lets start with Goliaths Footprint in South Africa.

A picture of Goliaths Footprint can be seen at the top of this article. This giant footprint is located near the town of Mpaluzi, close to the Swaziland border. It is approximately four feet long and it is starting to get a lot more publicity around the globe. Giant footprint in africa following is video of this amazing footprint.

YOU CAN'T LEAVE FOOTPRINTS IN GRANITE. If granite can be softened, you can. Interesting read. Thanks! Sure would explain alot if there were giant humans in ancient times. I believe i read somewhere, that when you have more oxygen in the air, organisms tend to grow in size. Jan 05, 2012  It is located in South Africa, near the town of Mpaluzi, close to the Swaziland border.

It is estimated to be between 200 million and 3 Billion years old because of our Below is a video of Michael Tellinger showing the world closeup video footage of what appears to be a giant footprint thats been etched into granite rock in South Africa.

This video has been circling the web for a few years now, and despite all of the efforts to debunk it, continues to hold strong. How can the answer be improved? Replica of 'Eve's footprints' (Geelbek visitors centre, West Coast National Park, Western Cape, South Africa). Eve's footprint is the popular name for a set of fossilized footprints discovered on the shore of Langebaan Lagoon, South Africa in 1995.