Best cmyk gold for print

Gold is a metallic yellow, so you should add also some reflections in Photoshop. Note: photoshop was invented for photo, so just look a public domain photo with gold, and copy the pattern (colour, reflection) from there. Jan 16, 2017 Re: Best Pantone Metallic gold colour? John Danek Nov 8, 2011 5: 57 PM ( in response to jgh3658 ) Pantone recommends printing metallics on coated paper.

Choosing the best CMYK profile for commercial litho offset printing presses in the US, UK and Europe. Offset printing, however, allows you to print spot inks including gold and silver metallic while digital printing limits you to the CMYK color space. CMYK does a great job producing nearly every color in the spectrum, but the sparkle that makes colors feel truly metallic cant be accomplished.

Generally, spot color is used with 1 or 2color printing. Inks like fluorescent orange, metallic gold or Pantone colors are examples of spot color.

For more color choices at a lower cost, use CMYK color in your design. Fullcolor photos are always printed in CMYK. Black and Rich Black Black colors in print are not all the same. CMYK Emulation of Gold. Gold foils and gold metallic inks are great ways to embellish your design, but we are often asked the best way to emulate a gold effect using cmyk.

A good value for achieving something that looks kind of like a Oct 30, 2007  What is the CMYK Color makeup for Gold? I am trying to make a gold color in InDesign CS3 but I don't know the CMYK components. CMYK Color for Gold? Answers. Relevance. Rating Newest Oldest. Best Answer: Metallic Gold: c44 m47 y78 k20 Golden Yellow: c20 m30 y100 k1 I would suggest doing a gradient tone for a CMYK Suggested Values and Color Guide the colors may appear different on your screen than they print on an offset press.

Colors will also vary if this guide is printed on an inkjet or laser printer. The best way to ensure your colors come out exactly as planned is with a proof of your project.

Phone: Nov 07, 2014 Just wondering if anyone knows the best CMYK values for Akuafoil process to get the same color or similar look of the regular GOLD foiling process. I know the color before the Akuafoil will be a sort of deeper yellow, but reaaly would like the advice, as I only have one shot at this.

If the piece will be printed, CMYK is usually the standard and the best option. Thats all there is to it when it comes to using RGB vs CMYK colors on your projects, please feel free to join the discussion below.