Print facebook wall

Aug 14, 2010 I need to print some to be used as evidence in a court hearing. I cant seem to figure it out and the copy to paint way is crap and doesnt come out right.

Please help, I have til Monday to get what I need! ! ! The custody of my child depends on it! ! ! ! ! Saving a Facebook wall can help you preserve a record of your social or business interactions. You can save a collection of birthday greetings, posts celebrating a grand opening or a visual Jul 19, 2014 How to Print from Facebook.

This wikiHow teaches you how to print a physical copy of a Facebook page, photo, or screenshot. Note that you will need to have access to a working printer to which your computer is already connected.

Open Facebook Books: 7 Ways to Print Your Online Memories [PICS 1. JotJournal. EgoBook is created from your status updates, posted and tagged photos, wall posts, links and comments as well as I am required to do so for court but I can't figure out how.

I need to print my personal page and all of the photos I have. WallPRINT Studio. 134 likes. One Wallprint is a creative studio that specialise in bespoke wall printing and other unique art products. Open the Facebook message in a browser window and position it so the entire message is visible. Step Press the" CtrlP" keys on your keyboard to open the print options window in Chrome.