Meaning of non print materials

Feb 16, 2009 Nonprint materials are formats with special characteristics are need to be discussed in term of bibliographic control and access but often an evercrossing amount of information ex. CD, records, tapes, photographs, slides, films and video Print materials I didn't have much information: P. I didn't have the chance to interview one librarian. ters of a nonprint collection. Specificexamples of materials meeting the criteria include videotapes, films, audiotapes, slides, transparencies, and filmstrips.

While other formats may also fit this definition, the following discussion concerning conservation, preservation, and secu rity will deal mainly with these materials.

Fiction and nonfiction books, journals, periodicals, magazines, newspapers; works of visual art as well as photography and sheet music are considered as" printed material". NonPrint Materials, Electronic Materials& Print Materials Looking at different types of print materials by Print and non print resources 1. B Y: M S. C R I S M A N PRINT AND NONPRINT RESOURCES 2. LIBRARIES Provide, fun, entertainment and of course information!

You might need to do research. You might want to find information for fun. 3. No matter how many reading materials are converted into electronic versions, nonprint media still cannot compete with the variety and completeness of the print media collections. Take one look at the University Library. Nonprint definition, of, relating to, or consisting of other than printed matter: Slide shows, slidetape presentations, and video are nonprint media.

See more. How can the answer be improved? Nonprint Materials. from A Glossary of Archival and Records Terminology (2005) by Library of Congress& Society of American Archivists.

1. Items that are not books, periodicals, or pamphlets; nonbook materials. 2. Flag Definition. Please select a reason for flagging this definition. Nonprint materials are materials (often works of art) that convey meaning without the use of printed text.

Examples: photographs, paintings, symphonies, dance. . A nonprint source is a reference material that is not in written form. However, a nonprint source, such as the Internet, may include print information. Nonprint sources include images, films, television broadcasts, radio productions and music recordings. One of the most effective methods of dealing Nonprint text is the use of photos, graphics, or other images to communicate ideas.

Students should be taught this idea within the scope of setting a purpose for writing, allowing them to understand that authors write to communicate thoughts, ideas, and information in a variety of ways.