Gavita pro 1000 de us footprint

Feb 18, 2013 I have 4 x 1000w Gavita Pro lights, I understand that they shine more light along the length of the bulb, than they do at the width. My pot sizes are 27cm high, I plan to grow 24 plants in airpots, with coco using a dripper system running to waste. A: The Gavita Pro 1000 ESeries DE V Fixture comes with a Gavita Pro Plus 1000W 400V DE EL lamp which is a HPS lamp suitable to grow all stages of a plant from vegetative to flowering. So no need to swap bulbs with this fixture! Introducing the Gavita Pro 1000e DE US ( Watt) Volt When you are trying to grow plants inside with a grow light system, you need a system like the Gavita Pro 1000e!

These lamps are efficient, durable, and easy to use the folks at Gavita Holland are serious pros! Gavita Pro 1000 Reviews; Recent Comments.

Nov 17, 2011 Gavita Electronic 1000 watt Pro DE Complete Light Fixture Double Ended Grow Light Gavita Holland Gavita Pro 1000 DE& DE Light Review United States Restricted Mode: Off History The Gavita Pro Classic 1000 DE Complete Fixture is part of the Gavita Proline series, offering you the latest technology in a series of rugged, professional state of the art fixtures, reflectors and electronic ballasts.

A: The Gavita Pro 1000 DE Complete Fixture 240v comes with a 8ft 240v power cord, a Gavita Pro Plus 1000 watt DE EL lamp, a 1000 watt high frequency electronic ballast, and a Miro aluminum horticultural HortiStar HR96 reflector.

Gavita Pro 1000 DE US 277. For US three phase systems the Gavita Pro 1000 277 V is the fixture of choice for commercial systems. The small footprint also make it the best fit for greenhouse use. The spread of the Pro 1000 with HR96 DE reflector is about 46 ft (110x180cm) at 3 ft distance in overlapping plans, providing light levels of up to 1000 mol s1 m2.

The fixtures light source is a Gavita Pro Plus 1000W double ended HPS lamp, generating 2100 mol s1 of light. recommended footprint is 5'x5 they are about as hot as a standard 1000w hps but u cannot directly air cool the bulb like on a standard hps. u should take the glass out of your hood and turn off the exaust fan (or exaust from the top of your room rather than through the hood).

if the temps get too high they will get too high with a gavita too Sep 15, 2013  Gavita pro de 1000 Discussion in 'Growroom Design& Setup' started by HookedonPonics, May 14, 2013. I was under the impression the de has a 4x6 footprint. IMO the efficiency and life of the bulb justifies the purchase. uh, Whazzup, who works for Gavita (the vendor of product OP asked about) answers the above